Our Founders

The Krupp Family Foundation, founded in 1995 by George and Lizbeth Krupp, is rooted in the Jewish tradition of Tzedakah. In their lives, work and philanthropy, our Founders are committed to democratic values and social justice, including fairness, diversity, and community. Their service to numerous organizations in Boston is born out of a strong belief that each of us must give to our capacity and lead by example.

Inspired by and in partnership with our Founders, the second Generation seeks to build a better future for Boston’s most vulnerable children and their families. Like our Founders, we believe in a just society that values educational opportunities; promotes social and economic achievement for future generations; fosters arts and culture that enriches communities; and, promotes health through a commitment to food justice.

Our Mission

Our Board

  • George Krupp, Board of Directors

    George Krupp

    Board of Directors

  • Lizbeth Krupp, Board of Directors

    Lizbeth Krupp

    Board of Directors

  • Michael Krupp

    Board of Directors

  • Liana Krupp, President

    Liana Krupp

    Board of Directors, President

  • Amy Carlin, Grants & Program Manager

    Amy Carlin

    Grants & Program Manager

  • Wayne Zarozny, Senior Vice President, Krupp Family Office

    Wayne Zarozny

    Senior Vice President, Krupp Family Office