Food Justice Partner and Grantee: BIDMC Bowdoin Street Health Center

BSHC Executive Director Adela Margules, Liana and Michael Krupp, BSHC Community Health Operations Manager Philly Laptiste at BSHC Farmer’s Market Family Day 2015

How we got to Bowdoin Street in Dorchester started on Brookline Ave in Longwood, with the birth of the third generation of our family. Michael and Liana brought a baby girl into the world in 2014 at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. Not long afterward, we began talking witht BIDMC about ways we could give back to the hospital (we had a wonderful experience with the Labor & Delivery team) that fit our interests in food. Given Michael’s work in the food service and restaurant world and Liana’s new role as President of the foundation, getting off on the right foot to how we took our new food justice initiative was important and connecting with impactful partners was key.

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