The Krupp Family Foundation invests in the children of Boston and their families, through education, expanded cultural opportunities and promoting equal access to nutritious and fresh food in under-resourced communities.

Meet Our Founders

Our Vision

The Krupp Family Foundation funds organizations that have a deep level of community involvement; are led by effective leaders and tackle challenging and timely problems. Specific organizational attributes valued by the Foundation include: visionary leadership, impact and evaluation, sustainability, innovation, organizational strength, network of partnerships and commitment to the population served through their programs.

  • The Foundation's approach to grant making embodies these themes:
    • Concern for the poor, disadvantaged, and under-resourced
    • Respect for diversity
    • Promotion of understanding across cultures
    • Empowerment of communities in need
  • While the Foundation aims to create fulfilling lives for all Bostonians, we have a particular sense of urgency in addressing the needs of low-income populations, in order to:
    • Increase academic achievement and affordable educational options for youth
    • Improve nutrition, health and quality of life
    • Ensure the role of the arts as a cornerstone of society
    • Stabilize and support families

Our Values

Our Foundation reflects the values of our Founders and our Family:

We are dedicated to social justice for all, to pursuing what is fair and morally right, and responding to those in need with compassion and understanding.

We believe in personal integrity and respect for all people, the power of individual leadership; we are committed to effectiveness and the capacity to transform our community.

We are dedicated to Jewish continuity, education, and local programs that encourage Jewish identity and enrich the lives of disadvantaged Jews in the Boston community.

We believe in leveling the playing field in order to give those underserved in our community a chance to improve their lives.

We believe that art is a powerful, transformative tool for educating and empowering our youth, stimulating creativity, changing futures, changing lives.

We believe in helping people help themselves, to overcome obstacles that stand in their way to leading productive and healthy lives.